The Alisei concept has been presented during the Orlando WFH Congress in 2016 and during the event that Fondazione Paracelso has organized on april 20th 2017 at the Circolo Filologico Milanese to celebrate the World haemophilia day.

It was born in response to the PWH’s travelling needs. Nowadays, travelling is widespread. We take trains and planes for work, leisure and to meet friends or relatives. In the past few years, many Apps have been developed to give support and information to travellers: hotel and restaurant rating, trip plans, etc…, but some travellers carry with them extra-luggage: the haemophilia.

This is why we decided to develop an App dedicated to satisfy their specific needs. It offers to those planning on a trip or to the ones already on the road the possibility to make contact with a PWH or a family member who lives in the area, who are available to provide information and guidance on health services or the local association, share experience and give/receive advice. Alisei concept has been presented during the Orlando 2016 WFH congress. It’s available worldwide and user friendly.