1. I’ve registered but I can’t login

After the registration, Alisei send you an e-mail (within 24 hours – subject:”Confirm to Alisei your registration”) to verify your e-mail address: your request can be processed after its confirmation only.


Once you registration is accepted, you’ll receive in a few hours another e-mail (subject: “Alisei has confirmed your registration”). Click the link to create your password.


If you don’t receive the e-mail, check the spam.


  1. I can’t download Alisei by the Store

Probably Alisei can’t support your operating system. It can support only:

  • iOs 9, iOs 10
  • Android 5 Lollipop, Android 6 Marshmellow, Android 7 Nougat.


  1. Notifications are on but I can’t get them

Energy saving system may stop notifications in some Android devices.

You should change your energy saving/notification settings.


  1. I’ve lost my device. How can I prevent Alisei use by stranger?

Go to https://app.alisei.site/it/login, , login and you can choose:

  • Modify your password
  • Delete your account


  1. Can I use Alisei by a mobile device and PC at the same time?

No, when you login by a PC, Alisei logout your mobile device and viceversa.
Remember, after upgrades, you may have to login again.